Xiaoya Liu

I’m honoured to have received the first prize in the WPTA Spain International Piano Competition artistic category, and i’m extremely thankful for many upcoming opportunities that i got from this competition. I wanted to thank Mr. Devastato, the president of the competition, for such a wonderful platform to showcase our arts to Mr. Jimmy Wang for your generosity in providing an upright Krause Berlin Piano for me, and to each committee and competition member. I highly recommend this competition to everyone who is looking for great opportunities in the future as an artist, WPTA Spain International Piano Competition really puts the artists where they belong to.

Kevin Tu

The experience has been great, in our recording process it has been a different challenge compared to playing on stage, and I enjoyed this process very much thank you everyone!

Sineh Atilaksana

 I’d like to thank the organisers for making this event happen in such a hard time.Iit’s been a great experience and i’m looking forward to joining this competition again next time. Thank you again and see you bye!

Yuqiao Chen

 I’m very honoured to be chosen as best performance of a work of romantic composer, and would like to thank the WPTA Spain  IPC edition for providing us with a platform to share our music. Thank you very much!