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About WPTA

WPTA looks forward to provide concrete opportunities for young pianists to develop their careers.

We believe that the online system gives wonderful opportunities in this regard, and we have developed a structure capable of showing young pianists their talent.

The audition process is unique in that contestants can submit their recordings to us as a link.

Awards over €40.000

Entries are limited

The World Piano Teachers Association - Spain is member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation.

The official co-organized is NOMEA, it has welcomed over 2.000 young musicians from all over the world in the last few years

The winners will be presented as soloists at the annual World Piano Conference (WPC) in Novi Sad, Serbia

Discover Your Jury

Giuseppe Devastato

Giuseppe Devastato

Chairman and President of WPTA Spain

Concert pianist and composer KrausePiano Artist Professor at Musical Arts Madrid Academy and Accademia Musicale Europea.

Cristina Marton Argerich

Cristina Marton Argerich

Concert pianist

Chamber musician and piano pedagogue in Augsburg University Germany.

Elena Nesterenko

Elena Nesterenko

Concert pianist, Steinway Artist

Professor and founder of Maestro Academy Elena Nesterenko and Weimar Intensive Piano Courses Professor.

Carles Lama

Director of KNS Classical

He is an Steinway Artist and international concert pianist, co-founder and director of the label KNS Classica, it is a music production company created in 2001. Cales Lama is the artistic director of several cycles and festivals of music, he has also won a reputation for mentoring a wide number of young talents.

Dorian Leljak

Dorian Leljak

WPTA President

Dorian Leljak is the President of the World Piano Teachers Association (WPTA), piano professor at the Royal College of Music (London) and Academy of Arts (Novi Sad).

Danijel Gašparović

Danijel Gašparović

WPTA Croatia President, Concert Pianist

He is a piano teacher at the School of Arts, Design, Graphic and Clothing in Zabok, the executive and artistic director of the Artistic Organization Cristoforium.

Kyu Butler

Kyu Butler

WPTA USA-Missouri President

President, St. Louis Area Music Teachers Association Former Vice-President, Missouri Music Teachers Association

Rika Fukuda

Rika Fukuda

WPTA JAPAN President, RCMPGDip, Concert Pianist

After working for the YAMAHA Music Foundation, organized music festivals and piano competitions in Japan.

Luciano Ruotulo

Luciano Ruotolo

Artistic Director - Founder of NOMEA

He is an International Piano Performer, he played in USA, Europe, Asia. He was awarded the prestigious ‘Premio Internazionale Cartagine’. Luciano is an creative entrepreneur, founder and Artistic Director of successful International Music Competitions, Festivals and Academies.

Jimmy Wang

Jimmy Wang


Ernst Krause Berlin Piano represented by Krause Musical Instrument (Yantai)Co., Ltd.

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